Guest Policy

Policy 1: Guest Play in NCFL Chapter Golf Events
1.1 Golf playing events sponsored or hosted by the LPGA Amateur Golf NCFL Chapter are primarily
intended for members in good standing of the organization.
1.2 LPGA Amateur Golf NCFL may allow guests (non-members of the LPGA Amateur Golf NCFL Chapter) to
participate on a limited basis. Members will have priority over guests in events where
participation is limited.
1.3 Non-members of the LPGA Amateur Golf NCFL Chapter are limited to playing a maximum of three
Chapter events (leagues or other golf playing events) per year.
1.3.1 The only exception to this limitation shall be for women that were already playing
in the Saturday Villages Championship Golf League hosted by TC Richards and
were associated with that group’s prior affiliation. Women that are not affiliated
with the group’s prior affiliation and began playing via a connection to LPGA Amateur Golf
NCFL are subject to the limitations of this policy.
1.4 Typically a guest will be charged a greater amount than a member is charged to
participate in an event.
1.5 Members in good standing of other LPGA Amateur Golf Chapters will be allowed to play at the NCFL
member rate for a single event per year. The purpose of this provision is to encourage
these members to purchase a dual membership with the NCFL Chapter.
1.6 Since the creation of the LPGA Amateur Golf branded Golf Education Programs were funded by the
LPGA Amateur Golf Foundation, any LPGA Amateur Golf branded clinics and programs are to be open to nonmembers
as well as members. Separate pricing for members and non-members may be